11 Penn Plaza, Suite 2201, 22nd Floor
New York, NY 10001-2091

Roberta M. McGowan, CAE 
Executive Director
PH: (212) 239-3662 ext. 201
E-Mail: bobbimc@bomany.com

As the Executive Director of BOMA/NY, Bobbi McGowan supervises all staff functions, acts as a liaison with other related organizations both within the city and nationally, and holds membership on a number of key committees.

In addition to being the Past Chair of the BAE Council at BOMA International, she also serves on the following boards:
– Awards Committee
– Education Committee
– Local Association & Membership Development Committee

At the local level, Bobbi works on a variety of BOMA/NY causes, including:
– Board of Directors
– Dinner Dance Committee
– Executive Committee
– Finance Committee
– Golf Outing Committee
– Long Range Planning Committee
– Nominating Committee
– Personnel Committee
– BOMA Middle Atlantic Region

Daniel Avery 
Director of Legislation
PH: (212) 239-3662 ext. 204
E-Mail: daniel@bomany.org

One of chief responsibilities as the Director of Legislation is to work with the Codes & Regulations/Government Affairs Committee.  Under this umbrella, some of the events and groups organized include:
– Annual Conference and Leadership Forum
– Annual Energy Action Day
– Advocacy Day Events
– Government Affairs Liaison
– Energy/Sustainability Committee
– Preparedness Committee

Works as liaison between BOMA/NY and BOMA International’s Government Affairs Department which results in a high level of coordination on local and national advocacy issues.

Rebecca E. Perez 
Director of Finance
PH: (212) 239-3662 ext. 210
E-Mail: becky@bomany.com

As the point person at BOMA/NY for a number of key events throughout the year, Becky Perez balances her responsibilities to the membership with a more ‘behind-the scenes’ role as the head of accounting and finance.

Mary Ellen Sorgente 
Director of Education
PH: (212) 239-3662 ext. 208
E-Mail: mary@bomany.com
Through her work with ongoing professional education, Mary Ellen Sorgente is the honorary ‘Dean of BOMA/NY’.  She coordinates and organizes all in-house RPA/FMA/SMA/SMT courses, overseeing advertising and student registration each semester.

Mary Ellen is also a key member of the Seminar Committee, enabling the Seminar Program.  With an eye to the future of BOMA/NY – and the industry – she is fully dedicated to the Scholarship Committee as well as the Education Long Range Planning Committee.

Ami Shah
Director of Membership Development and Special Events
PH: (212) 239-3662 ext. 211
E-Mail: ami@bomany.com

As BOMA/NY’s resident professional meeting planner and membership development professional, Ami has primary responsibility for working with the BOMA/NY Membership Committee, the Allied Members’ Committee and the Professional Members’ Committee to develop and enhance opportunities that bring greater value to the Association’s members. She oversees the conceptual development and execution of the extensive BOMA/NY calendar of special events and all website programs. Ami works closely with all standing committees on any event-related activities, including the Pinnacle Awards.