Our membership is divided into five levels to best accommodate the industry experts we serve:

Principal, Associate, Professional, Allied and Emerging Leaders.

Before deciding which membership category to apply, please take note that membership is held not by you as an individual – but by your firm. After your firm has been accepted into the Association, you, as the signing applicant, are designated as the “member of record.”

Principal Membership – Dues – $2,075 Annually – Click Here for Application 

– Firms engaged in the ownership or executive management and operation of a minimum of 100,000 rentable sq. ft. of real estate property in the greater New York area. Since membership is by firm, there is one member-of-record, having the right to vote and hold office. Other employees of the firm may join as Associate Members. 

Associate Membership – Dues – $825 Annually – Click Here for Application                                                                     

– Firm associates of the Principal member. Have all rights and privileges of the principal member except the right to vote or hold office. 

Professional Membership – Dues – $2,050 Annually – Click Here for Application

– Firms employing those who are educated, licensed or experienced in a profession recognized as having substantial involvement with the real estate industry, such as architects, engineers and related consultants. Members must be product/service neutral, meaning that they must not also (a) directly provide products and/or services related to their area of knowledge, or (b) indirectly provide products and/or services related to their area of knowledge through a related business entity.

-This fee includes the $300 annual assessment recommended by the Professional Membership Committee.

Allied Membership – Dues – $2,400 Annually + $1,000 initiation fee for 1st yr –  Click Here for Application

– Firms which have direct interest in real estate in which Principal members are involved, while providing goods or services, i.e. contractors, suppliers and manufacturers. 

-This fee includes the $450 annual assessment recommended by the Allied Membership Committee. In addition, first time Allied Members must pay a $1,000 initiation fee.

-There is a waiting list for Allied members, so do not forward payment with your application. Allied Members can join immediately if they are able to bring new members from an existing member firm. The suggestions for recruiting are: 1 Principal and 2 Associate Members or 2 Principals and 1 Associate Member.

 1. Bring in the new members as outlined above

2. Complete your own application

3. Submit all the membership applications along with their Principal/Associate Members’ checks in the amount of $2,075 and $825 each and your check in the amount of $3,400 to the BOMA/NY offices.

Emerging Leaders Membership – Dues – $175 Annually – Click Here for Application

– Emerging Leaders membership is open to: individuals who are 35 and under and or have 5 years or less experience in the industry. As an Emerging Leader, you receive local benefits only and will not be recognized as a member with BOMA International. To qualify for an Emerging Leader membership, your company must have a Principal membership with BOMA New York. You are ineligible for this membership if you are ALREADY a Principal or an Associate member. Membership expires on December 31st and you must reapply for the following year.