One of the most valuable and exciting aspects of your BOMA/NY membership is the chance to affect change in the Association – and┬áthe industry – by┬áserving on one of our several committees. You’ll find the information you need on our various committees throughout this section, with some of your basic questions answered below.


Q. How do I join a committee?
A. If you would like more information about joining a committee, please call or e-mail the appropriate BOMA/NY Staff Contact, who will provide you with specifics.

Q. If I am a member, how many meetings do I have to attend?
A. All committee members must attend 2/3 of all committee meetings over the course of a year, or face expulsion from the committee roster.

Q. Can I attend a committee meeting even if I am not on the committee?
A. If you would like to attend a committee meeting, please contact the appropriate staff member at BOMA/NY so that they can process your request. Please do not just ‘show up’ at the meetings; attendance must be carefully coordinated.

For a listing of available committees and their charges, please click here: BOMA NY Committees & Charges