Codes & Regulations/Government Affairs Committee

The far-reaching Codes & Regulations/Government Affairs Committee is comprised of numerous sub-committees and an Advocacy Team, which focus on a number of industry-specific issues. Special task forces are also formed when needed to address areas of special concern, such as security, DEP, local law issues, i.e., scaffolding, and telecommunications.


Monitor all local, state and federal codes and regulations and legislative issues affecting the real estate community. Be a part of the planning process, interpretation and implementation of all local, state and federal codes and regulations. Alert the BOMA/NY membership of any and all legislative issues affecting the real estate community. Plan and execute the annual BOMA/NY Conference & Leadership Breakfast.

Committee Leadership

Kevin McGrath, PE, LEED AP
Boston Properties, Inc.

Board Liaison

The Codes & Regulations/Government Affairs Committee traditionally meets on the second Friday of each month, from September through June. During the off-peak period of July and August, the Committee usually meets two or three times to plan BOMA/NY’s Annual Conference and Leadership Breakfast (which occurs in October). The various task forces and sub-committees also meet on an ‘as needed’ basis and report their findings at the monthly Codes & Regulations/Government Affairs Committee meetings.

In addition, the Advocacy Team presents its findings at every monthly meeting.


ADA Sub-Committee

Architectural Sub-Committee

Communications Sub-Committee

Electrical Sub-Committee

Elevators Sub-Committee

Energy Sub-Committee

Environmental Sub-Committee

Facade (LL 10/11) Sub-Committee

Green Buildings Sub-Committee

Insurance Sub-Committee

Labor Sub-Committee

Legal Sub-Committee

Mechanical Sub-Committee

Noise Sub-Committee

Plumbing Sub-Committee

REBNY Sub-Committee

Retail Sub-Committee

Structural Sub-Committee

Waste Management/Recycling Sub-Committee


Fire Protection Task Force

Transportation Task Force

Staff Contact:

Daniel Avery
Director of Legislative Affairs
PH: (212) 239-3662 ext. 204